Gotta Have a Heart...
  • PeaceDove PeaceDove How can it be legal to shut down a small business, but not a large one? How can it be legal to close worshipping, but allow public unmasked celebrations? Whoever makes up these laws, has no conception of our Constitution, and is, therefore, a politician, and not a statesman.
  • Ilona trommler It’s not only blue states, it’s red states too. They are using this virus to control the people, going totally the wrong way about’s all insane! They put everything on immunization, but how is it supposed to work if one only Gaines immunity for three months? They have to be immunized eve4y three months? This is more crazy than the stupid flu shot.

    The key to China-19 is to get treatment EARLY, before one cannot breath! Take high doses of vitamin C and take zinc daily until it runs its course. Get fresh air....not from behind a mask, eat healthy and go for walks. Don’t let 5hem scare you with BS, this is treatable......the flu is not!