Elementary schooler asked by administrator to remove most of his Trump costume for 'Super Hero Day' — and folks are not pleased - TheBlaze (theblaze.com)
'Some people actually respect their president. For the staff to make him take it off is ridiculous.'
  • Ilona trommler You think this is bad, you should see what they are doing at the Ohio board of education!
    One of our friends is a board member, outspoken conservative, the leftist members are trying to squeeze her out by labeling her as a racist, demanding she gives them all her personal texts and emails so they can see what she is discussing in her personal life.
    Sh3 just gave me three pages that was on the boards website titled Smashing Whiteness in the Classroom!
    Look up anti-racist Allyship Starter pack for teachers, “what President Trump meant when he spoke of a “left-wing cultural revolution”.
    They are using “white privileged males” when referring to white boys.
    In there also is “In defense of Looting”
    Forget Looting, Capitalism is the reL Robbery”
    “The Souls of White Folk”
    “Creature Finder” a service to locate your friends who get arrested for looting.
    “The case of Delegitimizing the Police”
    The Ohio department of education has no plans on taking the 1619 project off the website!
  • PeaceDove PeaceDove That is completely UN-American! Stop abusing our children!
  • Ilona trommler To undermine a parent’s decision, and to embarrass the child is unforgivable! That person needs to go stock shelves at night at Aldis