Another Unhinged Leftist Teacher Caught on Video Lecturing 13-Year-Old Student for 10 Minutes on Why Trump is Racist (VIDEO) – Mic Drop Politics (
Wow. Another leftist teacher took time out to lecture a 13-year-old student for 10 minutes on why he should hate the president of the United States. Unfortunately, for the teacher the student was recording the lecture and later posted it on the internet. Now the leftist teacher is famous! Surprise!   Via Jason Rantz […]
  • Ilona trommler The parents should go after him for attempting to brainwash and intimidate their child!
    Damned idiot, biting the hand that feeds lives off of tax dollars!
  • PeaceDove PeaceDove Here is a perfect example of a waste of School Taxpayer's Money!!! This is NOT a teacher!!! This is an indoctrinator, and he's using his influence on the student's grades to bully them instead of teaching Constutional facts. He starts out by telling the 13 year old to use real fact sources, and then babbles his own, unsourced opinions at the 13 year old for 10 minutes! That's bullying not teaching! I am tired of students getting mentally tortured by these predators, who misuse the educational system! Every one of these fake teachers should be fired from taxpayer funding. Let them take their opinions, start their own schools, raising their own money to do so. And, that goes for NPR too! NPR should be raising their own money! Why am I forced to pay taxes to fund NPR, which is against my Constitutional opinions???
    • Ilona trommler Do not forget public TV where they are pushing global warming because of humans as a fact, the theater where they are pushing the gay agenda.
      • PeaceDove PeaceDove They are pushing hump-dancing Trannies in our Kindergartens! I'm done with this! And, when I looked for that video on the net (which we already displayed here a few months ago), it was removed, as usual.
    • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician I agree with you, my friend, and other than that I have no children in school, haven't since '84, I take offense that my tax money is being spent to indoctrinate the spawn of absent parents of idiots, the Hitlery community-raised basement dwellers of today. There should actually be a law banning the practice of co-payers who have no kids in the [re]education process.

      Heh, remember the old comic strip; There Oughta Be a Law! ? Well, THERE OUGHTA BE!