See No Evil: Europe Supports Genocidal Regime in Iran (
Swiss and German economic deals might be aiding Iran's illicit nuclear weapons program.... The Swiss firm Ceresola TLS reached an agreement [in 2010] with the Rahab Engineering Establishment in Iran to deliver tunneling technology as part of a subway
  • Ilona trommler Not all of Europe Robert, only Western Europe. They ruled the roost, called the shots for many decades as the democrats have in america, and achieved about the same level of success in turning their countries into dependent crap holes filling it up with the undeserved illegals!
    Eastern Europe is a very different situation, they dug themselves out of the crap forced upon them by the Soviets, they know what the have and what they are working toward.
  • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician Europe is rife with morons, these days, especially Germany, with its bull-dyke "leader".