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With multiple controversies in 2020 surrounding the presidential debates, it may be time to change the process moving forward
  • Michael Trivisani aka MeMikeT Yep.....President Trump did an outstanding I expected him to do. We just need to do something about the 'Mainstream' media. AKA, the democrat party media.
  • PeaceDove PeaceDove President Trump did an outstanding job on tonight's debate. Tonight's monitor did not interrupt him and talk over him as the first one did in the first debate. In addition, I am amazed at the physical and mental strength and endurance that our President has to clear a path through the overgrowth of lies he has to deal with, by using the tools of truth. I cannot get over how Biden lies as if he is telling the truth, until he can't remember which is which, when he begins to babble.