Nancy Pelosi ObamaCare 2.0
  • Ilona trommler Biden has his list of orders engraved into the tiny functioning part of his atrophied brain.
  • PeaceDove PeaceDove We already know what's in it. We had to stomach you and the usurper for 8 long, stinking years as the country sank into your swamp, and the only accomplishments you brought forth was more and more division, riots, failures and CRIME. We are grateful to God, that President Trump landed at the White House, before we lost our beloved country, and he has been cleaning up your and your swamp affiliates mess, ever since. He protects all Americans, even the ones who curse him. He has an old fashioned strong work ethic, as many hard working Americans do. He is a great Commander-in-Chief, because he communicates with soldiers, one on one. He asks questions and listens to the answers. He solves problems with action, which speaks louder than words. And, he does all of this great eloquence, as the leftists throw their lies and plot against him. President Trump is America's Divine Intervention from God. Stay in your basement and play your record player, Joe. That's the best way that you can help America, Joe, after 47 years.
  • King David Site Administrator Biden is used to fondling boxes.... just sayin'