Russian military helicopter crashes, killing four (
This article was originally published by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and is reprinted with permission. A Russian military helicopter has crashed in Russia's northeastern Chukotka Peninsula, killing four people. The Defense Ministry said the crash early on the morning of May 26 most likely was caused by a technical malfunction. Chukotka Governor Roman Kopin said the aircraft crashed at the Ugolnyye Kopi airport near the city of Anadyr. Emergency crews are now at the site, he added. 'There were three crew members and a technician aboard. All died,' Kopin said. The Mi-8 is a Soviet-designed twin-turbine helicopter that is widely
  • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician Remember Dr. Jack Wheeler? I combined the russkies and chinks, here.

    Putin is an ersatz macho-man, all hat and no karovi. Russia's navy is made of rust. Russia's ill-trained army of drunkards couldn't conquer Romania. Russian male life expectancy is lower than that of Bangladesh. Russia is a mafiacracy with a doomed economy dependent on oil & gas exports that fracking in Europe & the US will make uncompetitive. Dasvidaniya, baby!


    No wives, no water, no banks - and a hyper-dangerous military. Much of China is uninhabited - deserts, mountains, and wastelands. Habitable China is about the size of the US east of the Mississippi, with over a billion people squeezed into it. These people live compacted along 7 major rivers making them vulnerable to water-borne pathogens. Northern China is turning into a waterless dust bowl. Scores of millions of Chinese men will never get married due to the Chicom's idiotic one-child policy and resultant mass female infanticide.
    100 million bachelors are explosively dangerous. Chinese state banks are insolvent after going on a post-2008 loan binge with debt and credit in China now (according to the IMF) above 200% of GDP. A sharp economic contraction (increasingly likely) plus all those angry unmarried men equals war, the history-honored scapegoat diversion of tyrants.
  • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician See what I told you about their junk military equipment and their vodka-head military drunks???
    • Ilona trommler Nothing new Robert, it’s been depleted since Lenin had his brain fart of a revolution and they all became equally poor. They never recovered, they sunk all their money into keeping the countries behind the iron curtain silenced, and scared for their lives. They spread themselves too thin trying to control what eventually cannot be controlled, people who have the God given right to be free. Eventually that human genetic instinct for freedom and the government’s lack of money to pay soldiers to fight against their own breaks down the entire idea of communism. Russia is broke, but we made the mistake of making China very rich! Now we have to send them back to the dark ages!