Reuters: Balfour Beatty faked military housing repair records to win millions in incentives (
An investigation of a U.K.-based property company's records alleges the company gave Oklahoma Air Force base one record they were making living-space repairs, while keeping another record that showed they were actually pocketing maintenance bonuses. An investigative report by Reuters, in partnership with CBS News, uncovered signs of a discrepancy between the maintenance work Balfour Beatty Communities reported to Tinker Air Force Base, and there more detailed internal records. While the U.K.-based company allegedly presented a near-perfect maintenance record to the Air Force while a true record of their work found slowness to make repairs to homes dealing with asbestos, leaks and
  • PeaceDove PeaceDove Correction: This describes the name "Bastard Beatty" to me, after reading about this terrible crime. I dispise criminals who threaten their own employees to do what they say, even if it's illegal!
  • Ilona trommler .......and the corruption keeps getting exposed, and everyone has. “good” reason for doing it!
  • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician In part: "Stacy Nelson, an employee for Balfour Beatty from **2013 to 2016**, said she went along with the record forgery out of fear for her employment. She has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and said she needed to keep her job and benefits. It was for those reasons she said she modified maintenance records to indicate the company met its goals."
    This is nothing more than Hitlery/0zero-era bullshit treason.