Killing Electoral College would invite presidents to rig elections (
Democrats don't trust Trump. So why would they want to give him and future presidents more power over their own reelections and who succeeds them?
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    "Electoral College opponents blast the system as outdated, archaic and unnecessary, but their criticisms reflect a misunderstanding of the Founders’ objectives as they drafted our Constitution. The Founders sought to create a constitutional structure that would allow Americans to be self-governing, despite the imperfections of human nature. They knew that people can be selfish, greedy and too ambitious. They knew that power corrupts. Their constitutional system of checks and balances — including the state-by-state presidential election process — was designed to protect against these human flaws. Efforts to eliminate the Electoral College fly in the face of this history. They would place unchecked power in the hands of a few. Americans deserve better." - Tara Ross, author of Why We Need the Electoral College, and her comments on why killing the electoral college would invite future presidents to rig their reelections in a USA Today opinion piece.