Adam Schiff's Star Witness Fiona Hill Linked to George Soros, the Deep State and Had Contacts with Chris Steele During 2016 Election (
Corrupt and Compulsive Liar Adam Schiff is attempting to unseat the President of the United States Donald Trump using characters like Fiona Hill.  The list of her connections to corrupt players in the Deep State is long and wide. As reported earlier by Joe Hoft– As we previously mentioned Roger Stone outed Fiona Hill in …
  • Ilona trommler Hahahahaha.......they are all connected, it’s like a web, they are all stuck in it scrambling to find a way to save themselves!
  • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician If we could get rid of the scum here in the USA, we could start over again, from 1912, and eliminate Woodrow Wilson, "The Grandfather Of Progressivism" for a good start. and Keep Making America Great.
  • Laura Alcorn Administrator