Jeff Sessions Did Something Behind Trump’s Back That Caused One Big Problem (
The Deep State teamed with the fake and corrupt news media to bully Attorney General Sessions into recusing himself from the Russia investigation.
  • James Coles My Princesd I know Den Sessions well...a friend, actually.
    He has sat on the same deck where both Ilona & Bob have sat...and drank liquor from my cabinet, eaten my smoked meats.
    He is a decent, kind, honest man who was thrown by fate into a twisted, sick place where he was tasked to lead the unleadable.
    To clean the unclean.
    To fix the unfixable.
    He was always faithful to President Trump...and still is.
    From what I understand, AG Barr has had to create a layer of Barr loyalists to insulate him from the snakes in the DOJ swamp...something rules place at DOJ during Sessions' time did not allow.
    All that said, I hope Jeff stays home & does not run again for Senate.
    • Ilona trommler I actually agree with you Jim, that's why I think Sessions was out of his league fighting the demonic swamp. He comes across as a simple country boy (reminds me of the little gnome people put in their flower garden) who does the right thing, this thing was way too big for him without the backing of the party. I'm not saying he's not capable in his field, but what is going on in America at that level is simply evil!
  • Ilona trommler Sessions was a weird little man all along, he didn't have the stomach to fight for this president.
  • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician It doesn't take much to "bully" Sessions, after you wake him up from his 16 month nap. This guy was never meant to be an AG. He'd be better at lawyering for real estat, at which he'd be more proficient, since he owns a big chunk of Alabama.