Hunter Biden Resigns from Board of Chinese-Backed Private Equity Firm (
Here's the answer to President Donald Trump's question of the other night: 'Where's Hunter?' — now the son of the former vice president shares this comment
  • Ilona trommler ....and they weren't just "any American" but the VP and his son.......abuse of power perhaps?
    • PeaceDove PeaceDove We viewed images of them flying in on Air Force 2 to these "deals". How often have any of us done that? The fact that they consider that "normal" is a definite problem.
  • PeaceDove PeaceDove You can't unring a bell. If any American citizen did this, there would be a big price to pay, and the both of them need to pay up for their blatant disregard for our country's laws. They've put their own greed first, for years, and we have been paying them for it. No more crooked politicians. They are totally incompetent for the job.