Moscow Divided Between Two Proverbs (
Putin has also succeeded in establishing Russia as the key player in war-torn Syria by marginalizing not only Iran but also Turkey and the United States. Putin adulators are especially proud of his success in playing the Iran card against the United
  • Ilona trommler Oh well, Russia is suffering from being a country lead by a communist. The mentality hasn't changed since the fall of the USSR, it is still those who made huge fortunes during communism who are wealthy, the so called job creators, and no one in their right mind would trust to open businesses in Russia, therefore their economy is anemic. When Putin leaves it will be a free for all, and the next person isn't going to be any better, no more western thinking, the same old "what can I get out of this" mentality. The people will be left behind, poor........but Russians are used to that, it's been going on forever, czar, or Stalin, Putin, what difference does it make!