• PeaceDove PeaceDove Socialism is the short corridor to communism.
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    Sooo very well said, I have made a copy of your words and with your permission will pass it on...
    Of course using your name as the author... Let me know if it's ok with you ..... and THANKS
    • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 Than you Debbie. Of course you can use it
      Living under communism and then seeing some of the socialist countries, it's easier to see the differences than for those who have only lived the capitalist dream.
      Ayn Rand defined it the best.
      "Socialism brings economic paralysis, Communism proposes to enslave men, by force, socialism by vote. It's merely. the difference between murder and suicide."
      If we carefully read AOC's plan for the Green New Deal, keeping this in mind, that most of the far left in congress agree with, we can all see the Stalinistic platform of communism.
  • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 I wish Americans would get the courage to call this ideology what it really is, then there would be no confusion like it is with immigration.
    AOC and the hard left in congress are NOT promoting socialism. It is clearly COMMUNISM. Sweden, Switzerland, and other western European nations are socialist. Their economy thrives on private sector. But the government controls them with high taxes and those profits fall into the government pocket. People still have choices to make.
    AOC, clearly, outlines her plans and everything is own by government or unions, you do not keep anything extra just what the government allows you to keep. Your freedoms are taken away one by one. You cannot make a choice whether to heat your house with oil or gas, because it is prohibited by government. It's all about banning things. That is exactly how communism operates
    Many began calling illegals immigrants until most started putting emphasis on immigration and dropped off illegal. They softened it to be more palatable and now it's been twisted to give the impression we are against immigration. Words DO matter!
    Then we went from liberal, again that sound as if it is tolerant, and inclusive. It's another soft word twisted from it's real meaning. Radical left is what they really are, but many won't say that because it makes the person who calls them that intolerant, racist etc. Truth be told radical left is exactly that. We cannot keep giving positive connotations to words that are really negative, intolerant or down right evil.
    This congress has many communist elements, especially the newbies. They are not socialists.