Watch: Crowd Boos Graham for Defending Kavanaugh, So He Boos Back (
'I really believe that Brett Kavanaugh is not a gang rapist, a sexual predator or a stumbling, bumbling drunk. I believe it because I’ve known him for 20 years.'
    Looks like some Republicans have found their big-boy-pants
  • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 McConnell told Laura Ingraham this evening that he is elated that finally, his senate woke up and fought back. We are, too. It's about time because there is so much on the line. We cannot afford to lose either house or the senate.
  • Debbie Tea Party Team Leader .
    He does flip flop, but, as long as he does the right thing at the right time I am ok with it..
    And in his favor, this was the right time...
    And it did make a big difference...
    I thank him for that
  • Ilona trommler Treat them like the idiots they are!
  • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician Booed back... Bwahhhh-hahahahaha!