Go Away Obama
  • PeaceDove PeaceDove .
  • Rick Rodzewicz Yo Today, 11 Sep., folks are talking on the news about how our Country came together after the 2001 attacks. It did. We did. Then Obama enters and excuses our enemies, issues a free pass to 'Hate Whitey' and turns the whole Country into a bunch of racists. Never in my lifetime has this Country been so divided and he did it single-handedly. This is the one legacy of his that has successfully carried over and can't be undone by Trump because the 'tards and Deep State encourage it as well.

    Obama somehow needs to be held accountable. Until then he should stfu. Afterward he can go away- forever.
  • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 At this point it may be safe to say that no one else on this planet could have dismantled Obama's legacy of regulation, overreach and mistakes as quickly as Trump is.
    What do you think Obama thought when he walked out and saw that sad little crowd of 750 people at Anaheim Stadium in Orange County CA, the most liberal state in the union vs. 10,000+ at the Trump rally that same day? Yes, it's time to go away Obama.
  • Mike Wukitsch Great analogy!
  • PeaceDove PeaceDove I love that!