Liberal’s …

The PEACE-LOVING-VICTIM'S who claim to be the.....
Well … let’s take an honest look at history

Researched and posted by Wes McKay

( 2008 )

In early 2008, there were nearly seven times as many documents on Google
for “Obama” and “assassination” as there were for “Bush” and
“assassination.” That is despite the fact that,


Bush had been president for the past seven and a half years.

Liberals had actually produced and distributed several books and movies
about their fantasy of Bush being assassinated.

As long as Liberals are going to keep acting as if they are under constant
threats from right-wing assassins, please note that 90 % of the political
assassins in this country have been by “Liberals.” The other 10 % were by a
collection of random lunatics. There was only one white-racist lunatic ---
and that was four decades ago. Based on history, Sean Hannity, Bill
O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck, are at greater risk of being shot than Barack
Hessein Obama, mainly because of their “Cultural Warrior” attitude of
telling the truth and exposing the cancer that is destroying our society
and our country.

Every presidential assassin in the history of our country has been a
Liberal --- or has had no politics at all. None were right-wingers. If
you’re a Liberal, I know you don’t believe this, but, it is true.

Here is the Proof:


On April 14, 1865, one “cancer infected” actor/activist changed the
course of history in many historians opinion for the worse. John Wilkes
Booth assassinated the man who could have settled a lot of the problems we
still have today. He shot President Abraham Lincoln because he was opposed
to Lincoln’s Republican war policies. Booth, the Tim Robbins of his day,
left a letter with his family explaining his actions, saying that he loved
“peace more than life” and denouncing Republicans for foisting the war on
the South. ( which is absolutely false )

In 1881, Charles J. Guiteau, shot President James Garfield. Guiteau had
a long relationship with a utopian commune called the “Oneida Community”
similar to the “cults” of far-left-wing, socialist liberal religious
groups, who practice “ free-love ” ( much like the flower children and
dope-heads of the 70’s who are responsible in my view for the massive
spreading of the HIV virus ) and are constantly discovered of
participating in multiple child marriages, communal child-rearing and child
molestations as part of their religious beliefs. ( these same beliefs,
traditions, and practices are found in the Muslim Islamic Culture and just
as prominent, I’m sorry to say in the Mexican Machismo Culture, both
practiced today here in our country.)

In 1901, Leon Czolgosz, who killed President William McKinley was a
“Socialist/Anarchist” who was captivated after hearing a speech by
“Radical/Socialist” Emma Goldman the year he shot McKinley. In the speech
by Goldman the phrases “hope” and “change” were emphasized.

In 1921, John Schrank, who shot and wounded Teddy Roosevelt, seemed to
have no political beliefs other than a strong opposition to third terms ---
which Roosevelt was then serving.

In 1933, Giuseppe Zangara, who narrowly missed shooting President-elect
Franklin Roosevelt, was consumed by envy of the rich and sought to “make
even with capitalists” by killing the president. According to the FBI
files, even on the way to the electric chair ( he had mortally wounded
Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak ) “Zangara was cursing and railing against
capitalists.” Earlier, Zangara had plotted to kill Republican President
Herbert Hoover, because both Hoover and Roosevelt were “capitalists.”
Believe it or not, this would-be assassin was to the left of FDR.

On November 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald, shot and killed President John
F. Kennedy, he was a stone-cold Communist ever since he read a Communist
pamphlet about Julius and Ethel Rosenburg when he was a teenager.
Infuriated by racial discrimination in America, he defiantly rode in the
black sections of buses as a child. Oswald studied Russian and moved to the
USSR in his late teens, hoping to avoid the rush. When his application for
Soviet citizenship was declined, he slit his wrists. Oswald eventually
returned to the United States with his Russian wife and child, where he
continued to plot an escape to a socialist paradise such as Cuba or Red
China. Ginned up by publications of the Communist Party and the Socialist
Workers Party --- ( notice how Socialism and Communism keep ending up in
the same sentence ? ) --- Oswald first tried to kill Major General Edwin A.
Walker. Ten days before shooting at Walker --- and missing --- Oswald had
posed for a photograph holding his guns and copies of the socialist
publications denouncing Walker. Oswald next plotted to kill former vice
president Richard Nixon, but got distracted the day Nixon was in Dallas. He
spent the next several months passing out “ Fair Play for Cuba” leaflets.
In between “You never take me anywhere!” arguments with his wife, Oswald
tried to talk her into helping him hijack a plane to Cuba so he could fight
in defense of the revolution. When he was arrested for shooting Kennedy,
Oswald immediately placed a call to John Abt, a lawyer for the American
Communist Party, planning to ask Abt to defend him so he could use the
trial to showcase his Marxist beliefs. He never got the chance, because
another nut-job by the name of Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald before he
could be questioned and go to trial. Ruby thought and claimed he was doing
the United States a favor --- but --- in reality he did us a great
disservice, and in my personnel opinion he did it to cover-up the real
reason for the assassination. Unfortunately, we will never know the truth
and how many and who was involved.

On June 5, 1968, Sirhan Sirhan shot and killed Democratic presidential
candidate Senator Robert Kennedy. Sirhan Sirhan was a Palestinian extremist
who was angry with Kennedy for his support of Israel. ( “ This was a
“Terrorist Assassination” why wasn’t it treated like one ?” )

On May 15, 1972, Arthur Bremer shot and paralyzed Democratic
presidential candidate George Wallace, Bremer was enraged by Wallace’s
support for segregation. A search of Bremer’s apartment turned up Black
Panther literature and a diary with entries such as …… “ My country ‘tis of
thee, land of bigotry.” A quarter of a century after he shot Wallace,
Bremer expressed no remorse, saying he should be paroled because shooting
“segregationist dinosaurs” was not like shooting a person. Bremer wrote,
“They are extinct, by an act of God.” This mention of God was the only
blemish on this dirt-bags only blemish on his otherwise impeccable … “
Liberal Credentials.”

On September 5, 1975, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, pointed a loaded gun at
President Gerald Ford, she was part of Charles Manson’s “ Counter-culture
Hippie Cult ” She pulled the gun on Ford because she was incensed about the
plight of the California Redwoods. ( Who can ever forget Ford’s famous vow
to cut down every redwood on earth ? )

Sara Jane Moore, who tried to kill Ford seventeen days later, was a
five-time divorcee’ who, like the Code Pink gals, turned to revolutionary
politics in her forties. Moore said she wanted to assassinate Ford because
“ the government had declared war on the left.” She said Nixon and Ford
were waging “ a continuing assault on America.” She tried to kill Ford in
order to “ allow the winds of CHANGE to start.”

You may be wondering about would-be Ragan assassin John Hinckley, who
shot the president “not” for political reasons, but hoping to impress a
girl ? Although Hinckley would seem to be the exception to the rule that
all presidential assassins have been liberals, but then recall that a jury
later found Hinckley to be “ not guilty by reason of insanity,” which is as
good a definition of Liberalism that you will ever hear.

Martin Luther King, although not a presidential candidate, he was a
major political figure and he was killed by a white racist and left-wing

1. As you can plainly see the “ Peace-Loving, Self-Proclaimed Victim’s
of Society ” are in essence the true “ Violent Party ” So … not to put a
label on any particular group, I ask you to look at the names of these
assassins and ask yourself, what group do they belong in:

  • Bennett Retired Army Ranger .
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