Trump’s Tax Cuts Just Created One of the Biggest Surpluses In History – enVolve (
April resulted in the biggest government surplus on record, and it could all be thanks to President Donald Trump’s tax cuts. From Conservative Tribune: According to The Washington Times, the federal government took in $515 billion in April and
  • Rick Rodzewicz Yo And he's trying to claw back some of the excesses in the $1.3T, deficit growing budget required by Congress' tit for tat. But let's see what they do with any surpluses. Until the debt clock starts to reverse its Republic killing direction these are all accounting tricks. A surplus should be used to pay down debt, not increase it.
    • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician I think they ought to put those "surpluses" back into the Social Security Fund that Johnson stole and opened up to the "General Fund" for the politicians' Piggy Bank, and at the same time, get all foreigners off the social services, food stamps, housing allotment and Social Security... those that NEVER WORKED to earn those benefits.

      THAT'S WHAT THEY CAN DO WITH THE SURPLUS, not frantically clamor to spend it before it's cooled off and before America realizes it's there.
  • Ilona trommler One of the differences between a government lifer and a businessman!
    Thank You Mr. President