*Given the unprecedented ignorance, laziness and apathy of today's America
we are, just 240 years later, only microns away from losing our precious

*Like a spitting cobra, a viper or a fox, a confident and smiling Hillary
is saying anything she can to get her prey to let her in. It has taken a
tenth of a second (if you are my age at least) for the Clintons to claw -
tooth and nail - from Arkansas to Washington. Most of the time Mrs. Clinton
has been posing as June Cleaver. Now she is masquerading as the
quintessential grandma - whatever it takes to lull her lightheaded
constituency long enough to seize the most powerful office on earth. (And
by the way, Hillary, Captain Kangaroo called .... said he wants his clothes

*Nevertheless, in my entire life I have never imagined such egregiously
obvious, wholesale lying followed mostly by thunderous applause from her
crowds, and elephant bucks from the people who own most of the internet.
It’s frightening. Shirer’s ‘Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’ tells the
parallel horror of how Hitler and Joseph Goebbels strapped down Germany.
Just like that, Hillary is telling her listeners whatever they want to
hear. And just as brutal as a beer hall putsch, the liberal media are her
brownshirts. But this time instead of clubbing people, a worse, more
paralyzing violence is done to the truth.*
*As I have said before, this is not an issues-based campaign. Thinking
people are not the problem. Don’t bother arguing with the ‘emancipating’
morons who gave eight years to Barack Obama just because they wanted to
have bragging rights for electing the first black president. Now those same
people and their voting-age children are determined to elect the first
woman president - oblivious to and/or careless of her nefarious and
treasonous history. But if she wins, this will be the capstone moment for
the machine she has built, and the debtors and anxious underwriters she has
secured en route. What her tv-mesmerized constituency doesn’t realize is
that the muzzle and manacles she and her cohorts have built for ‘racist’
and ‘hater’ Americans will take away their freedoms as well.*

*But again, in my mind’s eye, I can see the cobra looking at its next meal.
It will do whatever it must to get at it. The LAST thing that snake wants
is for its victim to wake up. And just like the snake, Hillary will do or
say whatever it takes to grab what she wants. As Julian Assange has said
recently, he feels sorry for this woman who has been so completely
consumed, “... eaten alive by her ambitions.*

*At the close of our founders’ Constitutional Convention in 1787, a
Philadelphian inquired of Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor Franklin, what
have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Immediately Franklin responded, “A
republic, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.” That tiny bit of history should be a
mandatory part of every American’s education. At one time, just decades
ago, it was. It is news to most readers today.Given the unprecedented
ignorance, laziness and apathy of today’s America we are, just 240 years
later, only microns away from losing our precious republic. Please see the
videos I’ve included following this article. (Introductory shmaltz is
beyond my control.)In fact, I am convinced that if Franklin, Jefferson,
Washington, et al. could see what’s happening at this moment, they would
tearfully see satan’s handiwork and beg us to come to our senses and not
surrender the precious pearls they placed in our trust to the swine vying
to take over. Nevertheless we are doing just that if we allow the fatal
succession of a Hillary Clinton to follow the preparatory craft of a Barack
Obama.Truly, if intelligent life forms on Mars are watching what we are up
to right now, they are surely holding their breath at what may be the
height of our stupidity.AMERICA, WAKE UP!! THIS SNAKE IS ABOUT TO BITE!!
  • WES BORDER RANCHER ..... HITLER-ARY injects her '' venom '' in ALL of US without the need of getting that close to us who are so far beneath her that it would force her to come down from the ivory tower she has built for herself at our expense.. Electing her would be the final nail in the coffin oboma has put us in. IF WE ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN WE HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT OURSELVES, WE CAN STOP HER BY GETTING OUT AND VOTING. IT'S UP TO US ... ! ! !
  • Ilona trommler Just after he bit her the snake said to the woman who nursed him back to health.......before you took me in you knew I was a poisonous snake!