*Cyber-attacks came against State employees' personal email accounts,
Clinton told Wall Street bank*

*Hillary Clinton privately told a major Wall Street bank that her State
Department was subject to cyber-attacks “every hour of every day,” and that
those attacks targeted employees’ personal email accounts, hacked documents

*Clinton said she was “very worried” about the state of the federal
government’s cyber-security efforts after witnessing how vulnerable State
Department systems, including email accounts, were to malicious hackers,
during remarks to employees of Deutsche Bank AG.*

*“We were attacked every hour of every day and not only through the State
Department system, but also through individual, personal accounts, just
really fishing for anything they could get,” Clinton said.*

*A transcript of her remarks, which she made on October 2014, were attached
to an email to campaign aides including chairman John Podesta, whose email
account was breached by hackers believed to be acting in concert with the
Russian government.*

*“I don’t think we’ve yet taken it seriously enough as a nation,” Clinton
said of cyber-security generally. But she touted her own efforts to shore
up vulnerabilities at State.*

*“I think this is a rolling threat that will only increase in intensity and
so I appointed the first ever cyber security expert in the State
Department,” Clinton said.*

*However, probes into Clinton’s email practices from the FBI and the State
Department’s inspector general found that she routinely disregarded the
guidance of cyber-security experts in her own department.*

*FBI director James Comey concluded that Clinton and her staff, who
conducted State Department business through email addresses hosted on a
private server in Clinton’s home, “were extremely careless in their
handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”*

*The Clinton campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment
on her Deutsche Bank remarks.*

*In the course of its investigation, the FBI found that Clinton’s private
server was breached by a hacker using the web anonymity service Tor.*

*Emails released since then in response to Freedom of Information Act
requests by the groups Judicial Watch and Citizens United reveal numerous
attempts to breach the server through the accounts of top Clinton aides
Doug Band and Huma Abedin.*

*Brian Pagliano, one of the staffers who set up the Clintons’ personal
email system, alerted staff in November 2010 to a handful of apparent
attempts to illicitly access Abedin’s and Band’s clintonemail.com
<http://clintonemail.com> accounts.*

*Abedin sent an email two months later to Justin Cooper, another Clinton
aide overseeing the email system, complaining that her “Clinton
[black]berry” was not working.*

*“We were attacked again so I shut it down for a few min,” Cooper replied.*


*This is amazing yet this nitwit Hillary wants to blame Donald Trump, and
wants everyone to ignore what she had done. She wants to be the new liar in
Chief, she must be insane.... Anyone who doesn't seriously think about the
things she has done is really in denial..... She is a big embarrassment to
our Country and a laughing stock in the world..*