Isn’t That Convenient: The Clintons Also PAID OFF Guards To Make Sure Cameras Wouldn’t Capture Epstein’s ‘Suicide’ – enVolve (
There’s no surveillance video of the incident during which Jeffrey Epstein apparently hanged himself in a federal lockup in Lower Manhattan, law-enforcement officials told The Post on Sunday. Although there are cameras in the 9 South wingwhere the convicted
  • Ilona trommler Agi, I have bone human dissection, understand the body fairy well, and the different procedures today, that IS why I think all this conspericy crap is crap! People dream up all sorts of crazy stuff, the dude in the picture is Epstein. How the investigation will go is something we will see.
  • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 Ilona, whenever there is an autopsy done on a person and we have DNA evidence, unlike years ago, someone is bound to find out if bodies were switched. Even if all of them are in cahoots, there is always the chance that one person could become a whistle-blower, and then they'd have to have another murder to silence him/her. That's just too risky.
    None of them want to put Hillary in jeopardy. According to Rush, the real reason for the Steele dossier debacle which they started before the election was to clear her records cleans it, so when she wins the presidency there is no blemish, nothing to connect her to any criminal activity.
    Great for us, but not for her, she didn't win and that's when the s**t hit the fan, frankly. Rush is always spot on. They simply can't take another chance because this time it would be prison for all of them. They're trying to avoid that at any cost.
  • Ilona trommler There are NO cameras looking into the cells, that's why the frequent checks!
    • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 According Giuliani, today, there are cameras. That NYC facility was built when he was NY AG and knows it intimately. Watch the video interview I posted above. He talks about it. And just know that as prosecutor he put away lots of big Mafiosos and often his life was threatened. His new private business had to do with that kind of security. He's advised many police departments throughout the world before he was taken in by Trump to advise him.
      • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician No cameras in the cells? Bullcrap. Even these Deppity Dawg calabooses in the counties down here have "bubble" cameras in the detention and "suicide watch" cells. As I said before, I've worked in them. Those cameras were turned off, lenses covered or fogged, or aimed somewhere else. And yes, I think he's still alive and kicking. A multi-billionaire doesn't take their own life. They BUY their way out, like Billary and Killary.
        • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 Sorry, I don't believe he is still alive. I don't believe he committed suicide, rather he was taken out Mafia style by a hired person. They have to have a body. I think he was poisoned by a Russian made poison that doesn't show up as poison but a heart attack, or natural cause, then they hung him out to dry with the sheet. to make it look like suicide.
          I'm a mystery buff from way back Agatha Christie era. Since Hitlary is in thick with the Russians via her dossiers, she acquired their poisons to finish the deed that way first and then the hanging.
          They have to have a body to show, therefore, he is NOT alive. If he were, he would be singing like a bird and they can't afford that. There's no honor among thieves and criminals.
          • Ilona trommler I agree Agi, the idea that it's someone else's body is ridiculous! I have no clue how they killed him, but he is dead, there was no switching of bodies, no suicide.
          • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician Tony Rodham died last week, I think it may his body we saw.
        • Ilona trommler He was NOT on suicide watch!
          He had a cellmate who was moved the evening before he died.
          The information IS, the guards may have manipulated the sign in log.
          No cameras in the cells may be bullcrap, but in one of the interviews on FOX someone familiar with the facility said there are only cameras in the halls, but NOT in the cells on that floor! Different floors may be set up for different situations, but since I have never been there and did not see it with my own eyes I can only listen to those who know the place.