Another Dem Megadonor Faces Charges of Human Trafficking | American Action News (
And Revenge Porn...
  • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 Yes, they are being prosecuted one by one, but so far not much happened. It's obscene that Epstein's lawyers wanted to put up his bail at a mere $77 Million dollars so he wouldn't have to remain in jail. And don't anyone think that this won't come with some perks for the judge that will be doing the case. Epstein has billions according to Rush to suck into his world.
    So his friend Buck was also left with two dead bodies of male prostitutes. That too will be swept under the rug as Weinstein has been so far.
    It is Pres. Trump that the left media is after with a vengeance finding photos of evidence him with Epstein and a bunch of female prostitutes.
    I couldn't care about Epstein's Harem, but I care about the vultures trying to damage Pres. Trump again and again. Don't think this is not taking a toll on him.
  • Ilona trommler Hahahahahahaha, just keep taking them by ones....very good for society!