DHS chief reveals startling stat on asylum seekers who skip hearings, disappear | Fox News (whitehouse.us19.list-manage.com)
The acting Homeland Security secretary gave lawmakers a glimpse Tuesday into just how many asylum seekers skip their hearings after being released into the United States -- telling a Senate panel that a recent program found 90 percent miss their court dates.
  • Ilona trommler Let's hurry up and get the truth out about what is motivating congress not to do their job. They find it more important to cover their asses over the coup some of them were a part of. Let's go after them ALL, arrest them, put them in prison for their crimes, and see how fast things will get done with a new congress!
  • PeaceDove PeaceDove Build an asylum, inside part of the wall, for the seekers to sit in, until the hearing, so they don't get lost, here.
  • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician Asylum? Bullshit.