Mexico Refuses To Name International Figures Bankrolling Migrant Caravans | Zero Hedge (
"Diplomatic sources revealed the investigation is still developing since the case was prioritized Monday"
  • Ilona trommler Well, we can start the 5%, in a week it's 10%...... So on until they give up the bastards!
    • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 That's how it should be, not just stopping them at the border. It's not enough!
      • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician What is needed is to sever the Social Services and Food Stamp crap for illegals. Let Sorryass Soros feed them. He wants 'em, he can HAVE 'em.
        • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 No one would agree with you more than I. My family came here with the clothes on our backs and nothing more.
          Back in the 50's social services were strictly religious charities, not a penny spent by our government, which it should be. Volunteer charity helped us for three months and then we were on our own. 68,000 refugees came here from Hungary in the 50's and they were all able to stand on their own feet without welfare, food stamps and free healthcare. They didn't even have healthcare back then. That's why medical bills were so much cheaper. Less people could steal from the coffers was the reason.
          I have no use for this free socialist ideas for illegals.
          Heck we were legals and never got special consideration, yet we became assimilated into American system, studied English, learned even new careers and gave our oath to this wonderful nation by becoming citizens as soon as we could.
          I don't see that happening today. Diversity killed our society whereas, back then assimilation allowed us to become part of this nation and to flourish..