Deep State Panic: Barr's Pick as Special Prosecutor Moves Full Speed Ahead (
If the Deep State was counting on a long slow investigation into their corruption, they will be very disappointed. By all accounts, John Durham, the Special Prosecutor appointed by AG Bill Barr, has hit the ground running and he is delving into many facets of the investigation at the same time. His first target was ...
  • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 Deep State is in panic because John Durham, AG Barr's pick to investigate is in full swing in investigating the investigators, and Durham means business.
    I'm not sure, yet, if the great DOJ's IG Horowitz started playing games with delays or he really received more information to investigate. I'm afraid that Horowitz may be waiting for 2020 to happen first.
    He is not Barr's pick, like Durham, and I don't trust the DOJ. All of the Obummer's puppets are not gone, yet
    OUr real hope at this point is Durham.
  • Ilona trommler I want them to go full speed, and then charge all the traitors who were part of the coup! ALL OF THEM!