Trump Takes Critics To School Over The Art Of The Trade War – China Doesn’t Know Who Their Dealing With! – enVolve (
This morning Trump has taken to Twitter to defend his trade war with China and he apparently has a lot to say. Up to this point he’s tweeted 10 times already this morning and you can
  • Ilona trommler Do not forget Agi, what those in power at the time were to gain personally from dealing with China. They all became filthy rich!
  • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 We have been bamboozled for so many decades by nations like China because our former administrations have all been apologetic for us being rich and powerful. That's just too bad.
    We need to be proud of that fact, just because we are wealthy we are not imperialistic, we are altruistic like no other nation in the world.
    So why have the libtards indoctrinated Americans to believe we are evil? That's right, all the radical leftist think we are. Let's shed that ridiculous thought. Pres. Trump was so right to make our election theme MAGA, because that's what we are!
  • Ilona trommler Correct, China more than met their match