Palestinians: No Freedom of Expression Under New Government (
As far as many Palestinians are concerned, there is no difference between Mahmoud Abbas's Palestinian Authority and Hamas when it comes to their people being able to tell the truth as they see it. The two rival parties may disagree on many matters, but
  • Ilona trommler Truth, freedom, their own country has never been the goal, it's always been about the destruction of Israel. They had a deal presented to them decades ago to have their own country as long as they agree Israel has the right to exist........they turned it down.
    They are a people without a country, they never had a country, their "leadership" doesn't want a country, in reality they just want to kill all Jews and take their country. They are terrorists! The people who bought into their nonsense because of ignorance need to move, IMMIGRATE to other places if they ever want to live in freedom, raise their kids without the fear they will be sacrificed for a false cause!