Democrats Can’t Lead The Country, Let Alone A State! Dem. Controlled California Now Has The LOWEST QUALITY OF LIFE In The Nation! – enVolve (
Ahhh, the West Coast. Swimming pools. Movie stars. Poop maps (here). According to U.S. News & World Reports’ last Best States rankings, sunny California offers the lowest quality of life America has to offer. Way to go, socialist state legislature and
  • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 Unfortunately most nations just watched as the Stalinists took them over. I pray that will not happen to us, that we still have fight in us to save her!
  • Ilona trommler Once you go socialist, it doesn't take long to hit the bottom! Let America watch and see what happens when the envy of the world is ruined by leftists!
    The people suffer....but the leadership is doing great!
  • Michael Trivisani aka MeMikeT It's just not your great grandfathers party anymore.