Oh My: Congressional Leader Calls For Impeachment Of Rod Rosenstein Over Uranium One Scandal - News Break (newsbreakapp.com)
The Uranium One scandal is rearing its ugly and multi-sided head again. During that highly controversial agreement that sold 20% of U.S. uranium stock to Putin-controlled interests in Russia then-U.S. attorney Rod Rosenstein was charged with investigating the deal as allegations of bribes, extortion, and money laundering involving the Clintons and Obama-related figures, quickly mounted.
And guess who was the FBI Director at the time? None other than Robert Mueller, the man now charged with investigating Donald Trump.
And now longtime Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas is raising the possibility of impeachment charges against Rosenstein:
@replouiegohmert: "I have no problem with impeaching Rosenstein. He is a problem. He needs to step down." pic.twitter.com/2v2Lr3O3ur- FOX Business (@FoxBusiness) April 16, 2018
Gohmert: "Rosenstein could very well be under investigation. There is a full investigation into Uranium-One, which he supervised, which he soft-peddled to allow Hillary to get her colleagues to approv
  • Ilona trommler So what?
    • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician This is the reason for the Trump investigations and all the other garbage they've made up, to defer the heat from their own scandals. Smoke and mirrors, folks. They're trying to charge Trump for what they did, and the moonbeams are believing it.