Corsi: 'Hand of God' Will Lead Trump to Try Clinton and Obama for Treasy - News Break (
Conspiracy nut Jerome Corsi has joined the "Trump has been anointed by God" crowd and says that "Jesus Christ has entered his life," which will lead him to destroy the "deep state." That includes arresting and trying Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for treason.
"He has gotten to be more of a religious man than he ever was," Corsi said of Trump. "He, I think, has had a Christian awakening. I think Jesus Christ has more entered his life today than ever."
"I think the hand of God has touched Donald Trump and I do see the hand of God in his presidency," he added. "He is going to expose the deep state and bring these people to justice in a way that no one else could, even if it involves military tribunals, even if it involves charging Hillary and Barack Obama with treason, which I believe is the end game here and I think it's going to be played out."And you'll be wrong, as you are on everything. It's hilarious to me how they worship this version of Trump that exists only in their fevered imaginations. Trump is n
  • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 That is exactly the problem when a so called journalist of this articlecalls Corsi a conspiracy nut. The author of that piece is a leftist hack and no longer credible. He worked very hard as an investigative reporter. He was arrested in Kenya when he was there fact finding. But at every turn Obama's goons were stonewalling him and calling him a liar. He was too close for comfort for Hussein that's why he was arrested.
    I hope this time he succeeds.
  • Ilona trommler This is something I'd like to see.....very much.