Comey's False Claim About Steele Dossier | The Daily Caller (
James Comey made a false claim about the Steele dossier Comey's timeline is contradicted by extensive reporting  Several parties have tried to downplay the significance of the dossier to the FBI's c
  • PeaceDove PeaceDove Rush mentioned that when Comey failed to brief the President, that the fake dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton, that it would have ended the whole Fake Mueller investigation, right from the start!

    AND THIS BOY SCOUT CLAIMS THAT HE'S SO HONEST AND PRESIDENT TRUMP IS A LIAR? Once again! A liar is transferring his blame on someone else. Thank God, President Trump removed him from the FBI. Comey is unethical and a real nut case. He complains about the President asking about his loyalty. Well, yeah! It turns out that Comey is loyal to the real mob! The Klinton Mob - where anyone heading towards a courthouse is suddenly, found dead.
    Sanders is right! Comey's fake book belongs in a bargain bin box, and that's where it will end up, as it's pure garbage fiction. I believe that everything Comey says accuses President Trump about, is actually about Comey, the Klintons, Obama, coverups and his dark past.