Justice Gorsuch Made Supreme Court History with Brand New Hire for 2018 Term (click1.e.westernjournalism.com)
'Somebody from where they are from is going to be working every day at the Supreme Court, and there’s no reason that there shouldn’t be many more to come.'
  • Ilona trommler One never knows what is hiding in our DNA
  • James Coles My Princesd There's some "Cracker"in that woodpile but unlike Fauxcahintas, Tobi is a real American Indian.
    Good for her & good for Gorsuch!
  • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician Fookin' A Tweetie! This is good, we're getting rid of the "termites in the woodwork" and installing "new blood". Hallelujah! We don't need the likes of "Whoopie" Ginsberg.