E. Coli Culprit ID'ed: The Veggies Headline Health Warned Of - Headline Health (headlinehealth.com)
(Headline Health) We reported last December that there’s one item commonly served in restaurants that some restaurant managers won’t eat. (They’ll serve it to you, though). It’s a food that’s typically not washed adequately and is prepared in large processing facilities by unskilled workers before spending days in transit to locations hundreds if not thousands of …
  • Ilona trommler First, we don't have a clue where these things are grown, it can be some shithole foreign country where they use human waste as fertilizer, processed by foreigners who aren't used to the luxury of water so they don't wash their hands, handled in the restaurant by foreigners who don't speak English to understand the importance of washing hands especially after they used the toilet. Bon appetite!
    • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician And now we have eggs contaminated with salmonella in NINE states, and I'd just about guarantee you that there are moslems behind the distribution to the nine states contaminated. We had these diseases, e coli, Ebola, salmonella, TB, etc., whipped until the dim0craps started bringing these devils here!