World Watches as All-Out War Between Israel and Iran Inches Closer (
Over the weekend, Israel used the threat of Iran as a pretext to launch a barrage of attacks against targets in Syrian territory.
  • Ilona trommler The comment was just a comment stating facts not directed at anyone, don't take it personally Agi!
  • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 I never stated that the US should get involved. But we at the UN can stop the propagandizing of lies coming from the enemy. Otherwise when a lie is told often enough the ignorant will believe it to be the truth.
    All I was saying is silence is not always golden in circumstances like this.
  • WES BORDER RANCHER Israel can win & they know we have their back
  • Ilona trommler If it's war, Israel is very capable fighting their own. The have our support on all levels, all the time, but they are ready at all times to fight and win without physical USA help
  • Debbie Tea Party Team Leader .
    Better them than us BUT WE WILL SUPPORT ISRAEL
  • Agi Yaeger Agi 7174 "Over the weekend, Israel used the long-standing adversarial threat of Iran as a pretext to launch a barrage of attacks against targets in Syrian territory. According to the Israeli side, an Iranian drone launched from Syria flew deep into Israeli airspace, which prompted Israel to not only down the drone, but to also target the base the drone was allegedly launched from in Syria."
    Excuse me for the UN propagandists against Israel, claiming that this was a pretext. Just remember it's always been the Muslim enemies who have started the aggression since the sate of Israel was created. And Israel had every right to retaliate. Are they supposed to sit idly by as sitting ducks?
    I'm so sick and tired of this militant communist propaganda. And now they are going after Netanyahu, the same way as the communist left is going after Pres. Trump with allegations. Amazing how they use the same agenda against both.