Jeff Sessions Sends Judges Blocking Trump Scurrying Back To Law School With One Brutal Fact – Average Joe's News (
United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions, literally schooled the current Federal Judges who are failing to uphold the law by allowing personal feelings to color their legal verdicts. Many federal judges have overstepped their positions in
  • Rick Rodzewicz Yo So, anyone go back to school yet? We're not going to hold our collective breaths are we? I don't read in here where he sends anyone scurrying to do anything- although he should.
  • Debbie Tea Party Team Leader .
    I LOVE THIS ...
    '' U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has had enough of the activist federal judges blocking Trump’s policies and sent them runing back to law school with one simple sentence.

    “The Constitution gives judges no right to veto a president’s actions because they disagree with him on policy grounds.”

    TOUCHE' Mr. Sessions .... IT'S ABOUT TIME