Federal abuses on Obama's watch represent a growing blight on his legacy | TheHill (thehill.com)
From Hillary Clinton's server to improper surveillance conducted by the intelligence community, Obama's missteps threaten to derail his legacy.
  • Ilona trommler When Clinton said "if we lose the election we will all hang"........that told the entire story, they were all in it together the DOJ, FBI, and please, please do not leave out the CIA, all following Obama orders!.
  • Rick Rodzewicz Yo Putting it mildly.
  • Debbie Tea Party Team Leader .
    hIS WHOLE legacy is a BLIGHT
    • RobertM Retired Master General Electrician Golly, girl, we DO think alike. I read the title and when I opened it to say the same thing, you ALREADY said it. LOL.

      RIGHT ON!