Senators Who Were INSIDE Room When Trump Apparently Said 'S***hole' Go Public, Narrative Is Shattered - Diamond & Silk (
'We do not...'
  • PeaceDove PeaceDove Remember when Obama called Ilbyia a s... show?
    • Michael Trivisani aka MeMikeT PeaceDove, you are forgetting the supreme rule of life. Liberals, aka democrats, are never wrong. They are God's gift to humanity. Especially Obama who should be King.
  • PeaceDove PeaceDove The World is agreeing with President Trump!
  • Ilona trommler The problem Michael is, the left can't handle the truth!
  • Michael Trivisani aka MeMikeT I'm so disapointed with what President Trump said. He should have been clearer and mentioned which sh!thole countries he was talking about.
    • PeaceDove PeaceDove Nobody's perfect. For example, "disappointed" is spelled with 2 "t's". LOLOL!!! No need to thank me. I do this as a public service.....LOLOL!!!
      • Michael Trivisani aka MeMikeT You just love to confuse me, which is normal for me. Is it 'spelt' with 2 Ts or 2 Ps? Actually 'IT' is spelt with only one T and no Ps,
  • Ilona trommler It is so good to have republicans to pick on to try to diminish how inconsequential, how run down, how crazy, ridiculous the left is. Their desperation makes them do and say really dumb things and they refuse to look back in history or they would recall their own president Johnson calling MLK a N! That was racist, on the other hand shit...........well, they are just full of that!
  • Debbie Tea Party Team Leader .
    They are '' SHIT-HOLES '' and '' IF '' President Trump called them that he was right on the money....
    HELL .... democrats treat AMERICA like a '' shit-hole '' and they have called in in a lot of different way...
    FOR GOD'S SAKE ....... LET IT GO